BC National Forest Week, September 17 to 23, 2023

BC National Forest Week (NFW) takes place September 17 to 23 in 2023. Check out some teacher resources if you are planning or developing lessons in or outside the classroom.

Kids learning about impacts of pine beetle on forestsOne volunteer talking to group of children about pine beetle’s impact on forests.

kids in the forest learning!

National Forest Week-BC Coalition

Established in 2013, the NFW-BC Coalition’s goal is to educate as many youths about the different uses and value that we get from our forests:

  • the production of wood products,
  • to providing local jobs,
  • to a variety of recreation opportunities, and
  • providing spiritual values.

We want everyone in BC to have the opportunity to spend time outdoors as well as appreciate our wonderful and diverse forests.

Who is NFW-BC?

Representatives on the coalition:

They are focused on promoting local NFW events and supporting organizers, helping to create successful events with educational resources.

What do we do for NFW?

NFW is our opportunity to showcase the high level of professionalism used in managing the forest resources of BC.

Objectives of the NFW-BC Coalition:

  • develop a coordinated approach to a provincial NFW program;
  • promote local events for the provincial forestry and forest management sectors;
  • reach out to communities, school children, and citizens; and
  • develop standard communications and news releases for a provincial-wide application, used by local event organizers.

2022 NFW-BC Accomplishments Report

In 2022, the National Forest Week (NFW)-BC Coalition began to implement the organization’s mission statement that guides strategic and short-term action plans as we entered the early phases of post-pandemic.

Read more on the reports page.

Contact NFW-BC Coalition member

The BC Coalition promotes NFW and helps organize activities across the province. If you would like to get involved, send an e-mail to: info@bcnfw.ca or contact a BC coalition member in your region.

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