National Forest Week Children’s Art Contest

As part of National Forest Week (NFW), the BC coalition and Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) holds an annual children’s art contest, with submissions showing what foresters do. 

The first-place winner in each age group (4-6, 7-9, and 10-12) receive a $50 Indigo gift card.

The 2023 NFW children’s art contest ran from September 1 to October 21.

(Note: all submissions become property of the Forest Professionals British Columbia (FPBC) and may be reproduced in other FPBC publications.) 


2023 NFW art contest winners

Fire, wildlife, and thanks were common messages depicted by entrants of the 2023 National Forest Week (NFW) children’s art contest.

But the overarching theme was foresters caring for our forests, which submissions showed them doing, often with a smile.

The results were once again colourful, creative, and inspiring. Thank you to all who took the time to create and enter a submission, and for taking an interest in forestry.

Congratulations to our winners:

Ages 4-6

First place: Sarah Lee, Surrey:






Second place: Junyi Wu, Surrey:








Third place: Hannah Joh, Surrey:

Ages 7-9

First place: Isaac Yoo, Surrey:








Second place: Chloe Chiang, Surrey:






Third place: Matthew Jiang, Coquitlam:

Ages 10-12

First place: Ada Wang, Coquitlam:








Second place: Jackie Liu, Vancouver:

Third place: Emily Liu, Vancouver: