20 September 2017 News Release

National Forest Week Highlights the Sustainable Management of BC’s Forests

September 20, 2017

Vancouver – National Forest Week, held September 24–30 this year, is a time for British Columbians to reflect on and learn more about the importance of forests to our history, our communities, and our economy.

“Outdoor recreation plays a large role in the lifestyles of many British Columbians and forests are a critical part of that. But with an increasingly urban population, many people may not realize that forests are much more than a collection of scenic trees where we hike, bike, and take pictures,” said Bill Bourgeois, PhD, RPF(Ret) and executive director of the National Forest Week BC Coalition.

“National Forest Week provides BC families with opportunities to learn more about our forests. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, a talk in the classroom, or a showcase of the critters that live in the forest, adults and children alike can see how registered forest professionals are managing BC’s forests for a wide range of uses including recreation, wildlife habitat, timber harvesting, and other values of importance to British Columbians.”

Canada is an international leader in forest certification with BC contributing more than any other province. Wood is the only material with third-party certification programs in place to verify that products originate from a sustainably managed source. In BC, registered forest professionals manage our forests to ensure their availability for future generations. While 95 per cent of BC land is Crown-owned, less than one per cent is harvested for timber each year.

National Forest Week events happen in communities across BC. A partial listing of events is available on the Canadian Forestry Association website. Teachers across BC are also inviting forest professionals to speak to their students.

The annual National Forest Week children’s art contest, sponsored by the Association of BC Forest Professionals and the Truck Loggers Association is also underway. Children aged 4 to 12 can win prizes by showing what the forest means to them though their art work. Contest details and entry forms are available on the BC National Forest Week website.

National Forest Week is coordinated nationally by the Canadian Institute of Forestry and in BC by the National Forest Week BC Coalition, a group of volunteers drawn from across the forest sector. More information as well as additional resources including event ideas, giveaways, and speakers for school class rooms, are available free of charge on the BC National Forest Week website.

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