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Forest Education Opportunities

The National Forest Week-BC Coalition (NFW-BC) provides free services and materials to teachers regarding forest stewardship and the forest environment, with a focus on the K-12 curriculum.

These offerings are available throughout the school year and are not limited to NFW, held annually during the third week of September.

Read more about field trip planning below. Find more about learning materials on our Teacher and Volunteer Resources page.

Field trips

Single class
The coalition offers free forest-related field trips to K-12 classes. We match volunteering forest professionals with a teacher to develop and hold a field trip in a local forest. Content for field trips is developed by the teacher and volunteer to meet curriculum needs.

Teachers interested in planning a field trip must complete and submit a request form.

The coalition will then find a forester or biologist in your community to help plan the field trip, including content and scheduling.

Multiple classes
Forest professionals, on behalf of the coalition, volunteer in several BC communities to plan and deliver field days for multiple classes on various aspects of forests.

Interested teachers are asked to register their classes. Teachers who have been accepted are provided with instructions and other details by the volunteers.

The coalition is piloting a story-telling field trip lesson model, led by a team of volunteer forest professionals, for one or multiple classes.

Potential topics for story-telling field trips:

  • Why do trees and shrubs grow where they do?
  • What are the wildfire management practices?
  • What values are included in forest plans?
  • What products are made from BC trees?
  • Why do forester plan different types of harvesting?
  • First Nations views of the forest by First Nations.
  • How do foresters protect fish and wildlife habitat?
  • How do foresters consider flooding?

For more information, contact the coalition.