Past Art Contest Winners

Thanks to all who celebrated National Forest Week

National Forest Week (NFW) 2019 was September 22-28.

Past art contest winners

Hundreds of children got out their crayons and pencils to show what the forest means to them for our art contest, sponsored by the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) and Truck Loggers Association (TLA).

Winners and runners-up for the 2019 NFW art contests in each category:

Ages 9-12

Winner: Ava Hulley, age 12

Runner-up: Yulia Boriskina, Age 10

Runner-up: Isabelle Schmidt, Age 12

Runners-up: Yulia Boriskina, Age 10, and Isabelle Schmidt, Age 12

Ages 7-8

Winner: Braden Trommel, Age 8

Runner-up: Hailey Williams, Age 9

Runner Up: Aveline McMartin, Age 8

Runners-up: Hailey Williams, Age 9, and Aveline McMartin, Age 8

Ages 4-6

Winner: Evelyn Rempel Age 6

Runner-up: Grayson Onslo, Age 6

Runner-up: Macy Cunningham, Age 6

Runners-up: Grayson Onslo, Age 6, and Macy Cunningham, Age 6

Thanks to all who submitted to this contest.