About us

About Us
National Forestry Week History

What is now known as National Forest Week (NFW) was established in the 1920s and was known as Forest Fire Prevention Week.

The intention was to encourage greater public awareness of Canada’s forests.

Since then, NFW (renamed in 1967) has evolved to encompass the many and varied human and environmental aspects of Canada’s forest resources – past, present and future.

Although special activities are promoted across Canada, NFW remains first and foremost a challenge to individual Canadians to learn more about their forest heritage and support greater recognition of this valuable resource.

NFW is observed annually during the last full week of September.

National Tree Day is observed on the Wednesday of NFW.

National Forest Week-BC Coalition

The National Forest Week-BC Coalition was established in 2013 to encourage and promote community events showcasing the high level of professionalism in managing and utilizing BC’s forest resources.

The coalition also provides extensive resources, free services, and materials year-round to teachers and community volunteers to help educate children on forests, forest stewardship, and the forest environment.

Who is NFW-BC?

Representatives on the coalition:

They are focused on promoting local NFW events and supporting organizers, helping to create successful events with educational resources.

What do we do for NFW?

NFW is our opportunity to showcase the high level of professionalism used in managing the forest resources of BC.

Objectives of the NFW-BC Coalition:

  • develop a coordinated approach to a provincial NFW program;
  • promote local events for the provincial forestry and forest management sectors;
  • reach out to communities, school children, and citizens; and
  • develop standard communications and news releases for a provincial-wide application, used by local event organizers.