BC NFW Accomplishments  & Teacher/Forester Experience Summary Reports

The 2018 NFW-BC Coalition Program was, again, a success. The participation in the number of traditional community festival events has declined, the estimated number of people being exposed to NFW and BC forests has increased. The Coalition faces 2 major challenges for the future:

1) Recruiting for K-12 student forest education volunteers, and
2) Recruiting for Community forest education volunteers.

Download and read more in the 2018 BC NFW Accomplishments Report, (PDF file, 998 KB).

Download and read the 2018 Teacher/Forester Experiences Summary Report (PDF file, 224 KB).

Past BC NFW Accomplishment Reports

Read the 2017 BC NFW Accomplishments Report (PDF file, 1.8 MB).

Read the 2016-BCNFW-Accomplishments-Report (PDF file, 763 KB).

Read the 2015-NFW-accomplishments-Report (PDF file, 948 KB).

Read the 2014-NFW-Accomplishments-Report (PDF file, 572 KB).

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Past Student Participation Report

Read the Student Participation 2017 Report (PDF File, 221 KB).