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News Releases

Organize Multi-class K-12 Student Field Trips

Forest professionals are busy, but also passionate in talking to students and the public regarding BC forests.

The celebration of National Forest Week (NFW) is a time to reach out to K-12 students and teachers.  The NFW-BC Coalition provides support for volunteers to make the experience productive and informative. We still need your help.

The most efficient educational model the coalition has observed in using limited volunteer time involves a multi-class field trip.  Volunteers in Prince George, Nelson, Port Alberni, and other communities have developed variations of the model and shared their knowledge and experience.

The model encourages volunteers within a community to work as a team in organizing and holding events. Those with experience in using the model generally recommend teams get organized in May or June and notify teachers of opportunities as soon as possible so it can be incorporated into their delivery of the curriculum for the up-coming school year.

The coalition is aware of the constraints encountered by forest professionals in volunteering.

In responding to these limitations, we will:

  • be flexible in respecting your constraints and encourage holding the event at a time suitable for both you and the teacher (events do not have to occur during NFW);
  • be flexible to reflect what you prefer to present – we encourage you to focus on basic information to educate students about forests and the knowledge you use daily, and to design field trips using what you are comfortable talking about;
  • provide assistance through the information posted on the coalition website or calling members of the executive committee to identify others who may help with your question or concern;
  • help to get employer support;
  • work to make it a fun experience;
  • appreciate your efforts.

There are several ways to become a volunteer:

We need your help. BC forests need your help. Coalition volunteers have commented they enjoyed the experience, especially when working as a team. 

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