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Learn About the Resilience of BC’s Forests During National Forest Week

September 19, 2019

Vancouver – National Forest Week, September 22-28, 2019, is a great time for British Columbians to learn more about the importance of forests to our daily lives.

“Forests are synonymous with British Columbia. We work in forests, we play in forests, and many of us live close to forests,” said Bill Bourgeois, PhD, RPF and executive director of the National Forest Week BC Coalition.

“With the dramatic forest fires of 2017 and 2018 still fresh in people’s mind, National Forest Week is an ideal time to get outside and learn more about the role of forests in our ecosystem and how we can rebound from the effects of wild fires.”

During National Forest Week, many communities across the province hold events that allow families to learn about the importance of forests, both to our health and economy. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, a talk in the classroom, or a showcase of the “critters” that live in the forest, adults and children alike can see how registered forest professionals manage BC’s forests for a wide range of uses including recreation, wildlife habitat, forest ecosystems protection, timber harvesting, and other values important to British Columbians.

Many teachers across BC will be inviting forest professionals to speak to students in their classrooms and the Association of BC Forest Professionals sponsors its annual art contest for children aged 4 to 12. Details and contest entry forms are available on the BC National Forest Week website. Free National Forest Week posters can also be ordered through the Canadian Institute of Forestry website.

Since its creation in the 1920s, National Forest Week has highlighted the importance of forests and their contribution to our economy, culture, history and future. National Forest Week is coordinated nationally by the Canadian Institute of Forestry and in BC by the National Forest Week BC Coalition, a group of forest professionals drawn from across the forest sector. The BC Coalition offers a number of resources including handouts, giveaways, videos and speakers for school class rooms. Visit the BC National Forest Week website for more information and opportunities to have forest professionals speak in your school or hold field trips.

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For more information, contact:
Bill Bourgeois, PhD, RPF, Executive Director, National Forest Week BC Coalition
Phone: 604-836-0765

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