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Teachers: Request a Forest Professional to Speak in Your Classroom
Teachers: Inquire About Donated Tree Seedlings
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Other National Forest Week Events?

Check out all NFW events across Canada (or you can register and promote your own event) on National Forest Week’s calendar of events.

Hold your own National Forest Week Event

You can get involved locally by downloading our handy “NFW Starter Kit 2019” (PDF file, 1,368 KB) in teaching forestry through your event.

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This kit helps to make it quick and easy for you to organize or participate in an event in your area.

The Starter Kit contains all you need to know in putting together a successful event to create a positive experience in a forest environment.

Event Examples

Download and check out the reports from successful field-day trips in:

Event Reporting

If you hold a National Forest Week event, please complete the Event Reporting Form and send to us so we can track how many events were held across the province.

In addition, please feel free to check out the 2018 Accomplishments Report as well as the Teacher / Forester Experience Summary report.

More Resources

PDF National Forest Week Posters – 2019 Posters now available

Promote your National Forest Week event with our PDF posters.

Posters are available in two sizes (tabloid (11×17) and poster (24×32).

Other teaching forestry event resource to check out:

Teacher resources: K-12 Forest Education Collaborative (from Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities: A conversation on BC Forests’ website).

BC Tree Classroom Reference Kit: The NFW-BC Coalition has produced a Teacher Reference KitPDF file  , 706 KB) that provides teachers or volunteer forest classroom educators with materials that can be used to create a lesson for Grade 4-5 classes on BC trees.

Although the Kit focuses on this level of instruction, there is information that could be used for other elementary class levels as well.

Download the Federation of BC Woodlots-NFW Colouring Book. (PDF file, 11,664 KB).

Download PLT’s Free online lesson plans and activity guides: Project Learning Tree provides instructional materials for early childhood through grade 12 and carefully designed professional development to support student engagement and environmental education.

Here you will find a list of free materials and PLT activities that can be resourced and downloaded from

Please email us if you would like to add or share your teaching forestry resources to this page.

Teachers: Request a Forest Professional to Speak in Your Classroom

We can match a registered forest professional with your classroom to speak to your students about forestry including forest ecology, careers in forestry, forest engineering, forest operations, or conservation.

Simply complete this form to request a forest professional to speak in your classroom or assist with a field trip.

Teachers – Inquire About Donated Tree Seedlings

Members of the Forest Nursery Association of BC will often donate excess tree seedlings to schools for special events promoting forestry education.

Contact a nursery near you to see if seedlings are available.

Still Need Support?

Looking for materials to support your forestry event? We have pencils, colouring books and many more items to share with your participants.

Get started to obtain the various promotional items by downloading and completing the BCNFW Promotional materials request form 2019.

Please email your completed form to

Do you need more help? Contact a Regional Coordinator!

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