Virtual Field Trip: Lesson Plan Ideas & Resources

Do you have questions as to what goes into planning a virtual field trip? Looking for other ideas to engage students with forestry?

The virtual field trip is intended to convert the lessons normally provided through the in-the-forest field trip into a virtual format.

When planning your field trip, you can refer to this resource:,  as a guidance document.

Virtual Field Trip: Lesson Planning Ideas & Resources


Here is a list of ideas (more can be added, feel free to share with us, your ideas):

  1. Tree identification
  2. Tree growth (e.g., height measurements, growth rings, etc.)
  3. Forest ecology (e.g., understory variances)
  4. Forest birds
  5. Animal habitats
  6. Forest harvesting methods
  7. Forest fire techniques
  8. First Nations and forests
  9. Forests and climate change relationships
  10. Wood products from forests
  11. Process of making lumber – mill operations
  12. Forests and river/stream flows (hydrology)
  13. Importance of riparian areas to fish