BCNFW Accomplishments Reports

The 2017 NFW-BC Coalition (Coalition) Program was again, a success. In spite of the focus on the wildfire catastrophe, forest professionals made time to hold local community events that involved participation of 4,500 adults and 3,500 K-12 students.

The celebration of BC forests continues to be a year-round initiative and not limited to NFW per se. The number of communities (25) holding local events was similar to 2016 (28) involvement. This was very satisfying, given the time and resources it took in evacuations and fighting wildfires in the interior.

Teacher demand for forest related field trips continued to greatly exceed the volunteer capacity of the Coalition Program. This demonstrates the interest of teachers to use the forest in delivering the student curriculum.

Read more in the 2017-BNFW-Accomplishments-Report (PDF file, 1.8 MB).

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